BodyMind Philosophy Presents:

New Book Alert!!

It’s Healing Time for the BodyMind of Black Womxn is a semi-autobiographical, informational, and self-guided tool for living a life you love and loving the life you live. The primary goal of this guide is to help Black Womxn understand that “everyBODY has a story and a headache is rarely just a headache”.

It’s Healing Time for the BodyMind of Black Womxn is a guide through both ancient and modern knowledge about the bodymind, it’s messages and its needs. This workbook shows how to reclaim and reframe the bodymind narrative, in order to facilitate healing. Simple, but impactful, incidents, multiple micro-traumas and/or devastating traumas can change our perceptions about ourselves and others; in addition to negative side effects on the bodymind.

It’s Healing Time for the BodyMind of Black Womxn explores the historical, made modern, model of self-healing and includes: mental / emotional, nutritional and physical insights to help the reader gain a better understanding of self. Each chapter is a vignette of the bodymind experiences of a Black Womxn; some include managing life with disabilities and chronic conditions (mental and physical).

This workbook also carefully considers and directs readers to conventional, medical interventions as necessary. Ultimately, this guide shows readers ‘How to live a life you love and to love the life you live.’